You are a tree,
what kind are you?

What is Tree Talk

Tree Talk

In this special social app, every user is a tree. You can send messages to other trees anonymously. But a tree can not answer in words. You could shake your leaves, change daytime, weather or music to show the response.
Tree Talk is an app which forces users to stop their daily grind, and go inward to a placid place for some self reflection.

Talk more, grow faster.

Send a message to other tree, you get 1 point.

Receive a message from other tree, you get 3 points.

How trees behave

How trees behave

At the very begining,
you are only a small sapling.
You can read the messages,
but can't do anything.

As you receive
or send more messages,
your tree grows up.
You can do more things,
but still can't speak.

you become a big tree.

You can change the daytime...

Change the weather or music...

Or even,
chat with your friends,
like composing poems.